Rif_1101 Misteriosa Scatola cieca


BoMiVa misteriosa Scatola cieca Mysterious Lucky Gift Bag Blind Box Equipped with Various Electronic Smartwatches Mystery Items for Electronic Mysterious Box Birthday Surprise Box

  • You will get: 60% chance ≥ payment value. 30% chance = 1.5 times the payment amount. 8% chance = 2 times the payment amount, 3% chance = win mysterious rewards!
  • When providing Christmas and other holiday gifts for your lover, family and friends, you don't need to waste time choosing gifts !
  • Customer cannot choose the color. This is a bundle pre-packaged by the manufacturer, if you purchase multiple sets, you may receive the same color. There may be other products in the bundle, which are not shown here.
  • If you want to get a surprise, our box is your best choice, you may have a chance to get a big surprise. However, if you are unwilling to take risks and expect too much, this game may not be for you



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